PRODUCT DETAILS The FM-1000/1100 system is an easy set up for flow investigations. Once the camera is focused on particles on the
Please join us for this 20 min + 15 min Q&A live webinar, where Shailesh Karavadra from Thermo Fisher Scientific,
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WHAT THE WEBINAR IS ABOUT: Aerosols generated by e-cigarettes can be challenging to characterize. Given their volatility, chemical complexity, and
Event Overview: The ever-changing regulatory environment faced by manufacturers in pharmaceuticals and other regulated industries can cause confusion and doubts
Goals and Objectives:   Develop a methodology for the isolation and analysis of microplastic particles using FTIR and Raman spectroscopy
Event Overview: After a small molecule has been identified as a viable drug candidate, substantial testing is required to assure
WHAT THE WEBINAR WILL BE ABOUT: During this one- hour webinar, we will present solutions that help you to measure
Increasing productivity is a consistent message that isn’t always backed by performance, making claims difficult to believe. QAQC labs often
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