Brojači čestica

TSI offers the most reliable, cited and known-good particle counters. Our family of Counters and Detectors contain instruments optimized for a variety of applications.

In environmental research and monitoring, customers face high concentrations in city centers, near freeways or harbors, or very low concentrations in remote locations which are used as reference sampling points.

In the laboratory, particle counters are often combined with particle sizers to measure size distributions.

Workplaces, hospitals, schools, residential homes and other sensitive environments prefer water-based Condensation Particle Counters to ensure the occupants’ safety and health.

Combustion aerosol has its own challenges, such as sampling the aerosol without changing it, or following regulatory directives for engine exhaust.

For the purpose of calibration, reference counting is typically performed with an Aerosol Electrometer.

Whatever your challenge is, TSI offers a solution. Let us help you to find yours.

Fiber monitors Model 7400        
Environmental Particle Counter Model 3783 CPC 3750      
Engine Exhaust Particle Counter 3795-HC Model 3795 3790A 3790A-10  
Engine Exhaust Particle Measurement System 3095        
Condensation Particle Counters 3007 3789 3752 3756 3750
Aerosol Electrometer 3068B