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High Volume Sampler  DHA-80 DH-77   nucleAIR 
Low Volume Sampler DPA14  DPA96
Wet only Sampler DRA-12 
Inlets PM10
PM10 with filter

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Applications Low Volume Samplers

The accurate long term stability of the air quantity, which is guaranteed by the DIGITEL developed regulation of the sample quantity, forms the central element of all DIGITEL High Volume and Low Volume Samplers.

  • use of a Standard flow meter
  • two adjustable photo cells scan the upper edges of the flow meter
  • the signal of the photo cell is transformed into an analogue signal, which serves the triggering of the electronic frequency converter
  • the rotating current, generated from the AC mains, activates, depending on the rotational Speed, the DIGITEL high frequency blower
  • the continuous pressure- and temperature measurement with µP-controlled collection of all relevant data enables the exact determination of the sampled quantity

The DIGITEL control system with a flow meter as reference value results in a minimal pressure drop in the control system and redundantises the re-calibration of the flow rate. Furthermore, the abandonment of critical openings and blinds as well as the streamlined lay out of the air conduction reduce the pressure drop in the device. This causes the rotational speed of the blower to drop to the absolute minimum which leads to clear advantages:

  • low power consumption
  • low abrasion
  • less noise
  • minimal heating of exhaust air

Due to the similar functionality, the flow meter system is particularly suitable for the use of nozzle impactors.