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Application Note: Determination of pesticides and persistent organic pollutants in honey by accelerated solvent extraction and GC-MS/MS

This customer application note describes the determination of pesticides and POPs in organic honey from in three different Italian regions, using GC-MS/MS with accelerated solvent extraction. Honey is a natural product that is widely used for both nutritional and medicinal purposes. It is generally considered a natural and healthy product of animal origin, free of […]

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Thermo Scientific Orion Star T910 pH Titrator – Automate acid/base titrations for simple accuracy

Automate titrations for simple accuracy We have integrated our core electrochemistry technology with a state-of-the-art reagent dispensing system to create a modern, simplified automated titrator designed to make performing titrations easier, more reliable and more reproducible than manual titrations. Our automated titrators expand the number of ions and compounds that can be measured beyond direct electrode […]

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