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Biopharmaceutical Analytical Testing

Peptide Mapping

§  Peptide Mapping Information

·         Download peptide mapping workflow ›

o   Digestion

§  Download brochure

§  Read protein digestion eBook

§  Calculate digestion time

§  Video: SMART Digest Kit Animation

§  Webinar: Take the Smart Route to Protein Digestion

o   Peptide separation

§  Read application

§  Webinar: Peptide Separations with Pinpoint Precision

§  Find out more about how the Vanquish Flex is built for biopharma

o   Peptide mass spectrometry

Glycan Analysis

Intact Protein Analysis Workflows

§  Intact Mass Analysis

§  Charge Variant Analysis

§  Protein Aggregation Analysis

§  Sub-Unit Mass Analysis

§  Native Intact Mass Analysis

§  Titer (Affinity) Analysis

§  Orbitrap MS – Built for BioPharma

Hydrogen deuterium exchange (HDX) workflow

§  Download brochure

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

§  MAbPac HIC-Butyl Columns

§  MAbPac SEC-1 Columns

§  MAbPac SEC-1 Columns Quick Start Guide

§  Brochure: Q Exactive BioPharma – The Complete BioPharma Characterization Solution

§  BioLC Columns – Innovative Solution for mAb Analysis and Characterization

Oligonucleotide and Amino Acid Analysis

§  DNAPac PA200 and PA200 RS Columns

§  DNAPac PA200 RS 4?m Columns

§  Brochure: DNAPac Family of Columns – Superior Oligonucleotide Analysis

§  High Resolution LC/MS Analysis of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides on a New Porous Polymer-based Reversed Phase Column

Biosimilar Analysis Workflows

§  Monosaccharide and Sialic Acid Determinations in Biosimilars Using HPAE-PAD

§  BioPharma Charge Variant & Aggregate Analysis eBook


Elemental Impurities

§  Download brochure

Volatile Organic Impurities and Residual Solvents

·         AppsLab Library Methods for Residual Solvents

Semi-Volatile Organic Impurities

Non-Volatile Organic Impurities

Counterion Analysis

Extractables and Leachables

Pharmaceutical Quality Control Testing

Pre-Clinical and Clinical Drug Testing

Large Molecule Bioanalysis/DMPK

Confident quantitation for small and large molecule bioanalysis