Discover new correlations by hyphenating rheology with spectroscopic/optical analysis

You can correlate the absolute flow and deformation characteristics of a material with processing or application behavior using rheological measurements. Yet the mechanical properties are directly related to microscopic or molecular structure. Combining rheometry with optical or spectroscopic techniques gives you a much better understanding of the material. Find out more by reviewing a compendium […]

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Microplastics Analysis by FTIR and Raman

  Small particles. Big impact. Beaches, clothing, bottled water, fish, beer, the air and honey all have one thing in common. They each contain microplastics. Less than 5 millimeters in size [1], these confounding microparticles are an urgent concern as they invade food chains and slip through purification systems undetected.  Microplastics are small plastic fibers […]

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