Mjesec: <span>listopad 2018.</span>

Webinar: Shed light on your reactive extrusion process with Rheo-FTIR analysis

So many products need different compositions of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) today. How can you be sure the reaction extrusion process yields end products that meet your requirements? Watch this free webinar and learn from Dr. João M. Maia, Director of the Center of Advanced Polymer Processing at Case Western Reserve University. Professor Maia will address […]

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Teaching NMR? Get complete resources

Find lesson plans, videos and other tools at your fingertips… Introducing your students to NMR technology? Check out Chemistry in the Classroom – a free online resource center offering ready-to-go lesson plans, videos, and affordable tools for college chemistry educators. Engage with your students and easily meet curriculum requirements for topics such as: Quantum spin […]

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Everyone into the Pool (and Why It’s Safe to Do So)

During a recent search for a new apartment, I was presented with some sharply contrasting options. One had a balcony overlooking the carport and dumpsters, while the other had a view of umbrella-shaded tables and lounge chairs surrounding an oval shaped pool. It doesn’t take a lot of brain power to figure out which one […]

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