Science Taking Lead on Cannabis to Accelerate Research
Canada’s legalization of cannabis may someday be seen as a turning point for science, when laboratory doors were opened for
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Sensitive Screening for Drugs of Abuse in Urine by SPE and GC-MS
Screening for drugs of abuse is an essential role of the forensic toxicology laboratory. The methods used for these routine
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Why upgrade? Stay current, stay confident!
Does just the thought of upgrading your chromatography data system (CDS) fill you with dread? When only thinking about revalidating your system,
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Is this new labeling rule a bit fishy?
I was surprised to read an article where new rules in China will allow rainbow trout to be labelled and sold
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Meeting the Biotin Challenge with Mass Spectrometry
Nowadays, people are using a lot of nutritional and dietary supplements. Influence from social media, high drug prices, and the
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Anketa: Izazovi u analitičkom laboratoriju
Poštovani poslovni partneri, ljubazno Vas molimo da izdvojite 5 minuta za ispunjavanje ankete kako biste nam dali uvid u izazove
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Top Four Questions about Pharmaceutical Impurities
Over the past year, myself and Dr. Christian Zeine of LGC, have been engaging with scientists involved in the analysis of pharmaceutical impurities.
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[eBook] Advances in Biopharmaceutical Characterization: Antibody–Drug Conjugates
The BioPharm International-LCGC ebooks series on Advances in Biopharmaceutical Characterization continues with a focus on Antibody-Drug Conjugates. This ebook offers
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How Isotope Hunters Are Using Isotope Fingerprints to Solve Criminal Forensic Cases
When investigating for a forensic case, the first step is to collect physical evidence. In some cases, however, the evidence
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A Powerful Tool for Metabolic Profiling: Orbitrap GC-MS HRAM Metabolomics Library 2.0
In the early 1970s, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) was first introduced as a diagnostic technique for human urine metabolic profiling.
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