Food – rheology and extrusion compentium

Welcome to the skilled guide on food rheology and extrusion! Here you’ll find a compendium of useful articles and application notes
providing expertise on enhancing food properties via rheology and extrusion.
Foods can be structurally complex, incorporating emulsions and mixing solids, liquids and gels into a single product.
The information in this compendium can help you better understand what to measure in your food development and
processing workflows, and which tools are best to measure it.
Food extrusion is an established and highly versatile technique for producing food, feed, nutritional additives and flavors.
Extruders with varying dies are used to design and shape foods with high starch content such as pasta, cereals or
snacks, analogue meat products, and pet food, and to determine their final texture. In addition, extrusion enables a costeffective,
continuous means of production with precise control for maintaining high product quality.


Food Extrusion

Food Rheology

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