On-demand pharmaceutical impurity webinars

Are you interested in how you can optimize your impurity analysis workflows to obtain greater productivity, sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility to meet increasing regulatory requirements and lower limits of detection? Would you like to achieve all of this, whilst also increasing laboratory efficiency and reducing the cost per sample? If so, then you will find […]

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On-demand webinar: Addressing the “Identity Crisis” in Small Molecule Compound Identification with Mass Spectrometry

Determining the chemical structure for the majority of compounds “identified” in a typical untargeted analysis remains a stubborn challenge and a persistent logjam, holding up progress in many fields including metabolomics, metabolism studies, forensics, clinical research, environmental and food safety, contaminant analysis, and E&L identification. This webinar describes a fundamental new approach to untargeted small […]

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Yes! One tool can boost your new material development

This modular system can save you time and money in developing new compounds… Smart scientists set up labs with far-ranging flexibility when driving successful development of new materials. One tool, the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ PolyLab™ measuring mixer and extruder system, offers the technical capabilities and ultimate flexibility to do just that. The HAAKE PolyLab platform […]

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Confident quantitation. Any compound. Any Matrix. Any User.

Achieve your business and scientific goals Easily answer critical analytical challenges during targeted quantitation workflows in your laboratory. With its segmented quadrupoles, faster rod drivers, and improved electron multipliers, the Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Quantis™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer is the workhorse delivering unprecedented robustness with best-in-class sensitivity for everyday use and for every user.   […]

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Seminar: Izazovi u analizi hrane i ambalaže

Poštovani poslovni suradnici, Organiziramo seminar gdje ćete imati priliku čuti informacije o izazovima i rješenjima u analizi hrane i ambalaže, razmijeniti iskustva s kolegama iz Thermo Fisher Scientifica te podijeliti vaša iskustva kao korisnika opreme. Predavanja o izazovima i rješenjima u analizi hrane održati će kolege iz Thermo Fisher Scientifica i zadovoljni korisnici naše opreme. Seminar […]

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The future of liquid chromatography systems

Move your separations to the fast lane Don’t struggle on with your existing and aging HPLC instruments, observing a decline in performance and results whilst service and maintenance interventions increase. The Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ UHPLC platform is the state-of-the-art liquid chromatography for today’s applications and whatever applications the future may bring. Inherent to all Vanquish […]

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HPLC resources to help you start the new year right


We can help you reach your 2019 goals Happy New Year! Is improving your HPLC workflows one of your resolutions for 2019? Whether you are considering the move from HPLC to UHPLC, investigating all the benefits of charged aerosol detection, or just want to hone your skills and learn some new tips, the useful resources […]

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Ensure compliance and data integrity while delivering efficiency gains with a modern software solution


A chromatography data system is a critical component of a laboratory’s data management system. From research to quality testing, a modern CDS not only helps laboratories ensure regulatory compliance, but also helps analysts to be more productive. This eBook collaboration with LCGC and Broughton Laboratories offers readers an insight into how a CDS can streamline […]

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Celebrate the holiday season with safe food

Food analytical testing information   Ensuring the safety of the world’s food supply is critical. At any point in the process, products may become contaminated and unfit for consumption. Whether you are ensuring regulatory compliance or enhancing nutrition, our food safety testing solutions strengthen the entire food chain so you can deliver the uncompromised food […]

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