Nove UV Curing aplikacije

U nastavku teksta nalazi se kratak opis UV Curing opcije HAAKE Mars reometara. Ovdje Vam želimo predstaviti nove razvoje na području UV Curing aplikacija: UV measuring cell for rheological measurements at ambient temperature Measuring cell for UV assisted thermal curing at elevated temperatures Measuring cell for UV assisted thermal curing and simultaneous FTIR spectroscopy Universal […]

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Food – rheology and extrusion compentium

Welcome to the skilled guide on food rheology and extrusion! Here you’ll find a compendium of useful articles and application notes providing expertise on enhancing food properties via rheology and extrusion. Foods can be structurally complex, incorporating emulsions and mixing solids, liquids and gels into a single product. The information in this compendium can help […]

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Yes! One tool can boost your new material development

This modular system can save you time and money in developing new compounds… Smart scientists set up labs with far-ranging flexibility when driving successful development of new materials. One tool, the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ PolyLab™ measuring mixer and extruder system, offers the technical capabilities and ultimate flexibility to do just that. The HAAKE PolyLab platform […]

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