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Raman microscopy and imaging for shared academic labs
45 minutes
Presenter: Jennifer Ramriez, Ph.D., Thermo Fisher Scientific Raman spectroscopy is essential to competitive academic research in many applied scientific disciplines, including materials science, life science research, and chemical and biological engineering. Advances in Raman microscopy and imaging have made the technique accessible to a wide variety of researchers, regardless of expertise or field of study. During this webinar we will discuss:
• How a leading research university has transformed its approach to research, improving their time to results and increasing the number and quality of publications
• Examples of current research using advanced Raman microscopy Learn how Raman microscopy and imaging can help you answer your research questions.
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Raman Spectroscopy: Foundations and Futures
1 hour, 9 minutes
Presenter: Dr. Michael S. Bradley, Senior Manager, FTIR and FTIR Microscope Products, Thermo Fisher Scientific Raman spectroscopy is rapidly gathering momentum as a valuable laboratory tool – an interesting development for a technique discovered in 1929. Join us to find out why this growth is happening – what made it possible – and to learn how to navigate the process of configuring your Raman system and then obtaining meaningful results. We will conclude by looking at some of the fields where Raman has made big inroads, like carbon materials (diamond, nanotubes and graphene) and silicon. During this webinar we will discuss: Learn why there are so many choices in lasers, detectors and gratings Understand the impact of fluorescence on Raman spectra Explore success stories of Raman  
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