On-Demand Webinars: Chemichal and Petrochemical Industry

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Rapid Determination of Additives in Asphalt View webinar
Rapid Determination of Additives in Asphalt Emulsions Using High Resolution Accurate Mass Orbitrap Technology – Full Webinar View webinar
Automated In-Line Sample Preparation and GC Analysis of Biodiesel According to EN14105 & ASTM D6584 View webinar
Maximize your Chemical Plant Productivity with FT-NIR Spectroscopy As chemical production plants are asked to do more with less, real-time process analysis techniques such as near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, offer a solution. NIR spectroscopy can increase plant efficiency by reducing material waste, out-of-specification products, rework costs, and laboratory analysis expenses. Our FT-NIR specialist will demonstrate the benefits of applying FT-NIR spectroscopy for laboratory, at-line, and in-line analysis in the
chemical industry. Learn how to:
View webinar
Understand Flow Behavior of Paints and Coatings–From Formulation to Application In this webinar we present the capabilities of rheological tests to understand the basic flow behavior as well as the complex application performance of formulations. Flow behavior, yield stress, thixotropy Rotational, oscillatory, and extensional rheology Quality control, R&D Shelf life Who should attend: Customers involved in the development, characterization, and testing of coatings with basic knowledge of rheology.   Watch webinar now