Webinar: Native mass spectrometry – a new platform for the characterization of therapeutic targets | December 5

Join us on December 5, 2017 for the last of our 3-part webinar series that covers Invention, Research & Application of Intact & Native Mass Spectrometry for Biopharmaceuticals.

In this lecture Prof. Dame Carol Robinson DBE, FRS FMedSci (University of Oxford; President elect of the Royal Society of Chemistry; and founder of OMass) will demonstrate how we can exploit new mass spectrometry approaches to understand protein interactions in a number of membrane protein drug targets, from ion channels to G-protein coupled receptors. Beyond defining binding stoichiometry she will show how we can use the approach to assign affinity constants to multiple ligands simultaneously. She will also show how her group are deciphering the importance of post-translational modifications and changes in the surrounding lipid bilayer using new methodologies developed in her laboratory.

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