Golf-Ball Sized Diamond Needs a Pro’s Evaluation

Well, it wasn’t as big as the 1,100+ carat tennis ball-sized diamond we reported on in October, but the latest gem find announced by Sierra Leone’s Minerals Agency is a 476-carat diamond that is bigger than a golf ball. The diamond was discovered in an area spanning from the Kamara Gbense to the Tankoro chiefdoms in Sierra Leone (Kono District).

According to a press release by Trustco Group Holdings, “an initial assessment indicates that this find is the 29th largest diamond ever discovered. Any value indication of the diamond is pure speculation at this stage as the diamond has not yet been examined and assessed by the necessary experts. It is Meya’s intention to sell the diamond through an international auction. Images of this unique diamond can be viewed on Trustco’s website and more information is provided on”  Meya Mining is the Trustco subsidiary that unearthed the special rock.

Read Analysis of Diamonds by FT-IR Spectroscopy to learn more techniques that provide a rapid, reliable information source of great importance to classifying gemstones. 

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