Testing has started on new TSI’s model 8150 production in-line tester:

The new 8150 Automated Filter Tester gives customers fast and reliable results for their P100, FFP3 and similar respiratory filters and cartridges in the production line. The model 8150 is an evolution from model 8130A by using the same dual photometer and aerosol generator but being optimized for speed of testing, remote operation, and 24/7 use with a high number of tests each day. Smart design has led to the smallest, most compact filter tester on the market that can be retrofitted into any existing production line.



The first test results have shown a very close match in penetration test results between the 8150 and the 8130A. The figure shows results for 5 sheets of media being tested back-and-forth between the two testers, i.e. the same 5 sheets have been tested on the 8130A, then the 8150, then the 8130A again, 10 times.



As it was announced this week that FILTECH 2020 will be postponed, the launch of this tester will be performed in March through a series of webinars with video footage. Technical training will also be performed virtual and hopefully later in 2021 in person. The 8150 is an exciting new product that takes the TSI high performance and reliability from the quality control lab to the production line.

Stay tuned for more information soon.

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