Take a 5 Minute Look at iQ Gas Analyzers Predictive Diagnostics

The iQ Series of gas analyzers, the latest platform of Thermo ScientificTM gas analyzers, is now available for purchase and quote. Predictive Diagnostics is a standard feature of the iQ Series platform which is designed to anticipate your instrument’s maintenance needs, identify possible component failures, reduce downtime and reduce troubleshooting time. If a predictive diagnostic event is flagged, your instrument can proactively notify you to this unusual or subpar performance condition affording you the opportunity to resolve the condition before your instrument enters an alarm state. The functionality is intended to be scalable by refining existing diagnostic parameters based upon historical performance or building out additional parameters. Customers will be able to upgrade their instruments to take advantage of new Predictive Diagnostic parameters in the future with a routine firmware upgrade.

Let’s take a 5 minute look at how Predictive Diagnostics works:

Thermo Scientific™ 48iQ Carbon Monoxide Analyzer S/R – By design, the S/R ratio will slowly decrease as the Filter Wheel leaks CO. Typically, this can take 3-5 years before the Filter Wheel would need to be replaced. With Predictive Diagnostics, the instrument will look at the … Read more

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