New Genesys spectrophotometers – like no other!

Like no other UV-Vis available today, the new GENESYS spectrophotometers will delight you with exceptional performance in a real-world, ergonomic package. Designed with a deep understanding of the challenges you face in your lab every day, the GENESYS spectrophotometers will make doing your job easier than ever before.


  • Walk-up convenience – modern, simple-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Sampling flexibility – easy access and accessories for all your application needs
  • Wi-Fi ready – save data and methods, print results from on-board control
  • Built to last – for repetitive use and demanding environments

The new GENESYS line of spectrophotometers will exceed your expectations for usability and performance – and deliver the accurate, reproducible results you need. Explore the new GENESYS family today.

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