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Ensuring the safety of the world’s food supply is critical. At any point in the process, products may become contaminated and unfit for consumption. Whether you are ensuring regulatory compliance or enhancing nutrition, our food safety testing solutions strengthen the entire food chain so you can deliver the uncompromised food products that consumers worldwide expect and deserve.

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Food Safety Residue Testing Using Mass Spectrometry
Download your free eBook celebrating the North American Chemical Residue Workshop.

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Pesticides in Food: Targeted Quantitation Solution Guide
Your lab, your challenges—our solutions to help you address them.

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Brominated flame retardants – still a hot topic at Dioxin 2018
Comprehensive monitoring of PBDEs using HRMS

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Analysis of PBDEs
Overcoming analytical challenges for polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) analysis in environmental samples using gas chromatography – Orbitrap mass spectrometry

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Elemental contaminants in dietary supplements
Analysis of trace elements in nutraceuticals in compliance with USP chapter <2232>

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Robust single method determination of major and trace elements in foodstuffs
Advancements in CID technology allow the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ 7000 Plus Series ICP-OES to feature higher sensitivity and lower noise than any of its predecessors.

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