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Ensure compliance and data integrity while delivering efficiency gains with a modern software solution


A chromatography data system is a critical component of a laboratory’s data management system. From research to quality testing, a modern CDS not only helps laboratories ensure regulatory compliance, but also helps analysts to be more productive. This eBook collaboration with LCGC and Broughton Laboratories offers readers an insight into how a CDS can streamline […]

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Pharmaceutical impurities webinar series

  Join our pharmaceutical impurities webinars to hear from leaders in the field how you can optimize your impurity analysis workflows to obtain greater productivity, sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility to meet increasing regulatory requirements and lower limits of detection. Learn how to achieve all of this, while also increasing laboratory efficiency and reducing the cost […]

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New pharmaceutical extractables & leachables, or food contact materials resources

Various materials are used throughout the food & drug manufacturing and packaging chain and can give rise to migration (leaching) where chemical substances and metals can transfer to the product. Packaging can be constructed from any one of a diverse range of plastics, paper and board, composites, glass, metal, or cork. Regulations are complex, but […]

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Watch on-demand biopharmaceutical characterization webinars

Biotherapeutics are the fastest growing area in drug discovery, but with this comes additional analytical challenges to ensure their efficacy and safety and the requirement of a toolbox of analytical techniques for their characterization.   This series of webinar recordings offers a comprehensive review of the main workflows used to characterize biotherapeutics such as charge […]

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Use the cleanest SPE to get the best analytical results! Test now and experience our awesome quality.

Are you convinced that you are using the best possible Solid Phase Extraction in your lab gaining the cleanest extracts and the best concentration factor? Test our unique Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) products now! Request free test packs   Are you using GC in your lab? If your method of detection is GC or GCMS, […]

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New IC webinar available: Polar and ionic components in pharma and biopharma

New on-demand educational IC webinar session available Polar and ionic components in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry   This session gives an overview on ion chromatography solutions for pharma and biopharma analysis. Hear examples of counter ion and degradation products analysis and learn about bio-ion chromatography for anions, organic acids, sulfur containing compounds, carbohydrates, amino […]

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New biopharma applications and upcoming events

Autumn, 2018 Autumn is here, and so are our latest protein characterization applications, and a workshop and webinar to look out for.   Biopharma Characterization Workshop – Reinach November 29, 2018 • Learn about biopharma characterization workflows from Thermo Scientific experts • Observe live demonstration and evaluation of innovative automatable sample preparation solutions, software solutions […]

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Five Additional Pharmaceutical Impurity Questions


Over the past two months, and during our recent pharmaceutical impurity workshop in Switzerland with LGC Standards, we’ve been asked some additional questions related to pharmaceutical impurities. In this article, we answer an additional five questions: 1. How is the topic of extractables and leachables related to pharmaceutical impurities? The topics are very closely related […]

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Webinar: Top & Middle-Down ADC Characterization

Peptide mapping is the gold standard for in-depth characterization of biotherapeutics; however, sample preparation, LC runtime and data analysis can be labor intensive and time consuming. Top or middle-down mass spectrometry experiments show promise as an alternate technique for primary order structure confirmation. However, historically top or middle-down characterization has been limited by bottlenecks in […]

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