The DIGITEL nucleAIR is characterised by the following features:

  • constant and precise air flow, long sampling period, high performance side channel blower up to 500l/min (30m3/h) during one week on a filter with diameter 90mm (80mm sampling area)
  • 2 filter stacks for 36 filter holders. The filters are automatically changed to the flow position, the storage position and the evalutaion position at the pre-set time.
  • convenient programming by touch screen or remote control. The filters can be moved via remote control at any time. All filter data are recorded and can be read out via interface or USB.
  • flexible construction. The construction is adaptable to the customer’s spectrometer.
  • communication with third party systems: seamless integration into available measuring networks via RS-232 and USB interface, modem, wireless modem and Ethernet
  • wind direction based measurement possible. The filters can be changed to the flow position via remote control at any time.
  • multiple filter analysis. The filters can be changed to the requested position via remote control at any time.
  • Ematal coating. All mechanical components, which come into contact with measuring air, have been treated with a highly corrosion-resistant coating (Ematal).
  • non-destructive measurement. After spectrometry. the filters can also be used tor gravimetry and analytics of substances.
  • easy to transport. The whole device is transportable on a pallet truck. The spectrometer can easily be removed, which enables a simple filling of the nitrogen tank.
  • compatible with DIGITEL standard PM inlets

Brošure i tehničke specifikacije

Brochure nucleAIR