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Are you using GC in your lab?

If your method of detection is GC or GCMS, use the cleanest possible Silica for your extraction. This is our Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Silica-based family. We are proud to offer a very clean silica to guarantee that your extracts are the best possible. If the quality of the Silica is poor, this will lead to unwanted contamination in your sample. Different sorbent sizes from cartridges to 96-well plates and pipette tips allow you to gain the concentration factor you need for your analysis.

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Are you using LC in your lab?

We can offer you different polymeric materials. Polymers will not retain acidic compounds (opposite to Silica), that can be charged in LCMS. That makes them ideal for LC and LCMS use. We offer two different materials from our polymeric family. If your sample amount is greater than 100 µl, we recommend using Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Retain cartridges. If your analytical request is a sample size below 100 µl, we would recommend our Thermo Scientific™ SOLA™ SPE products which are especially designed for low volumes.

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Solid Phase Extraction Applications Interactive Notebook

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