Streamline your pharmaceutical QA/QC analysis

The recent introduction of two new solutions for routine analysis offer the potential to alleviate many of the challenges encountered for pharmaceutical QA/QC analysis. Please contact us if you would like to know more about either of these new products.


Vanquish Core HPLC System

For when you can’t tolerate any disruptions to your daily analytical work, the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Core HPLC systems empower your operators to continually deliver exceptional results.

Learn about Vanquish Core HPLC System ›


Chromeleon 7.3 CDS Software

The user-friendly and efficient Thermo Scientific Chromeleon CDS software is now available in version 7.3 and offers a broad range of new capabilities for increased compliance and productivity.

Learn more about Chromeleon 7.3 ›

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