On demand Webinar: Proteomics Without Labels: Maximizing Label-Free Quantitation in Mass Spectrometry

Translational and Clinical researchers are challenged with the growing complexities of qualitative and quantitative analyses in proteomics. The Orbitrap Tribrid mass spectrometers provide substantial advantages to improve label-free quantitation (LFQ) performance due to its unique architecture and capabilities. The Tribrid architecture facilitates novel data acquisition methods to surpass the primary challenges associated with successfully acquiring high-quality data that enables confident, automated data processing to more accurately determine the expression ratios for peptides, and more importantly, proteins, in complex biological samples.

This webinar will present the top 5 features associated with the Orbitrap Tribrid MS that empower users to greater experimental insights while reducing the workload. Specifically, we will demonstrate the importance of high resolution, stable mass measurement accuracy, and the introduction of the FAIMS Pro interface for balancing increased proteome coverage, maintaining relative quantitation, and maximizing throughput.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Optimal LC-MS experimental method determination
  • How resolution and mass accuracy affect determination of individual peptide response and determination of relative expression ratios
  • Introduction and implementation of the FAIMS Pro interface and benefits
  • Automated data processing workflows – checks and balances

Who Should Attend:

  • MS practitioners
  • Researchers/ R&D Managers
  • Laboratory Managers/ Directors / Supervisors
  • Laboratory Technicians / Operators


Scott M. Peterman, Ph. D, Sr. Global Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Scott received his Ph. D. from Texas A&M University in 2001 and began working with Thermo Fisher Scientific as an application chemist, transitioned to Proteomics Marketing to initiate the Targeted Peptide Quantitation Program with triple quadrupole mass spectrometers, and joined the BRIMS Center in 2010 focusing on routine workflows for clinical/translational research. Scott transitioned into the Sr. Global Marketing Manager for Tribrid mass spectrometers and associated products in 2018 and focuses on applications for small, large, and larger molecules.

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