Introducing the new Thermo Scientific Vanquish Online 2D-LC Systems

Does your lab struggle to separate complex mixtures and detect low abundant analytes? Are your chromatographic results lacking confidence and clarity? Do you want to improve data quality and have confidence in your results?
Now you can solve difficult separations and enhance confidence in your analysis with the high performance and robust Vanquish Online 2D-LC Systems. The proven performance and robustness of the Vanquish systems extended to multi-dimensional liquid chromatography.
With four Vanquish Online 2D-LC systems to select from, we have a solution for your
separation needs:
Vanquish Online SPE—reduces solvent use and analysis time compared to offline sample preparation steps through automated analyte pre-concentration and sample clean-up using repeatable workflows.
Vanquish Loop Heart-Cut—reveals hidden impurities that co-elute with the analytes by collecting fractions from the first-dimension separation and transfer to an automated workflow to a second dimension.
Vanquish Trap Heart-Cut—enriches the detection of low abundant analytes by isolating a single fraction of the first-dimension separation onto a trap column.
Vanquish Simple Switch—execute trap-based 2D-LC runs for complex samples and simply switch to Dual LC without re-plumbing.

Configuration options

  Vanquish Online SPE
Vanquish Loop
Heart-Cut 2D-LC
Vanquish Trap
Heart-Cut 2D-LC
Vanquish Simple
Switch 2D-LC
Automated online sample cleanup Yes      
Analyte enrichment Yes   Yes Yes
Ability to run two complementary column chemistries   Yes Yes Yes
Ability to optimize mass spectrometry compatibility of buffer-based methods by desalting Yes   Yes Yes
Flexibility to run system as two independent 1D-LC systems       Yes
What is online 2D-LC?

Two-dimensional liquid chromatography is a multidimensional separation technique to achieve full characterization of substances or peak purity confirmation. One compound, or one fraction, is analyzed by two different separation modes to add additional selectivity to resolve difficult analytes or deplete interfering matrix.

There are different types of 2D-LC techniques differing in automation degree, as well as number and storage of fractions. Unlike offline 2D-LC where fractions are collected and then re-injected onto a second column, online 2D-LC involves transferring the fractions of the first-dimension separation to a second-dimension column in a single flow path inside the system.

Additional 2D-LC System resources
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