On-Demand Webinar: GC and GC-MS

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Confident Identification of Unknowns using GC Orbitrap MS | On-demand Webinar
The identification of unknown compounds in one of the most challenging tasks for analytical chemists due to the wide scope of the analysis and the importance of arriving at a confident conclusion. The challenges exist from generic sample preparation, through to instrumental detection and software processing to isolate  and make confident compound identifications. The applications of extractable and leachable impurities in food or bio/pharmaceutical products, food safety and metabolomics are areas where unknown’s analysis is essential. Finding a high risk leached impurity in the production pipeline or a food contaminant can lead to costly delays or product withdrawal. High resolution accurate mass spectrometry (HRAM) using Orbitrap technology offers a new dimension in confidence for rapid, simple unknown identification. We present workflows for unknown identification using GC Orbitrap based mass spectrometry and spectral libraries that can allow you to insure that a comprehensive picture of your sample is obtained.
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New Source Technologies for GC-MS and GC-MS/MS | On-demand webinar
In high-throughput environmental, food and forensic labs, time is essential when facing constant pressure to generate accurate and reliable results as quickly as possible. Offering class-leading sensitivity and uptime, the new Thermo Scientific ISQ 7000 Single Quadrupole GC-MS and TSQ 9000 Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS greatly increase data confidence and minimize routine maintenance, boosting laboratory efficiency and productivity .This webinar will provide an insight of the advanced technology behind the new ISQ 7000 and TSQ 9000 systems, and the main benefits delivered to the end user. Discover how it is possible to eliminate up to 98% of the downtime of the instrument during regular maintenance procedures or how to reach an extra level of sensitivity when new regulatory requirements are challenging.
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EI Source Parameters in GC-MS
This webinar is explaining how to set up the MS methodology and will provide some easy steps to check the performance of the source.
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Liquid Injection Techniques in GC-MS
Many parameters will influence your GC-MS analysis. Learn more about different techniques of sample introduction into the GC system. Choose the right column and learn how to overcome peak shape issues.
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Sample Preparation for GC-MS
Sample preparation is a key, but often neglected, step in obtaining good GC and GC-MS separations. This webinar provides an overview of the main solid phase extraction (SPE) strategies, gives guidance as to the most suitable SPE techniques for certain applications as well as guidance on how to avoid common problems.
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Troubleshooting Where it Starts – Sample Handling
This webinar gives an overview of all sample handling steps for GC and GC-MS from manual to automated processing. The main focus is on vials and closures, presenting tools which will help you to improve the quality of your results. Topics include:GC liners and how to troubleshoot your analysis if errors occur. Common errors will be shown by examples from different application fields.Septa for GC injectors, which are required for proper injection. To complete the range of sample handling, examples are given on how to improve your dilution and sample labeling process
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High Resolution Accurate Mass GC-MS based on Orbitrap Technology – A New Chapter in GC-MS
Get a deeper insight into the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap GC-MS technology and learn what it can do for your laboratory. We give an overview of the technology, the software possibilities and the applications.
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A New Chapter in GC-MS: Beyond a Limited Past
During this event, we present results obtained using gas chromatography coupled to Orbitrap MS technology, which demonstrate the potential for this technology to go beyond the limitations of previous GC-MS technologies to provide a more comprehensive look at samples than ever before.  
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Part 3 of 4: Maximizing Analysis Efficiency through New GC-MS Approaches
Maximizing Analysis Efficiency through New Gc-MS Approaches
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Innovations in routine sample analysis for volatile content using purge and trap technique: conserving helium and improving laboratory throughput
Explore alternative carrier gas configurations and compare benefits as well as draw backs specific to volatile compound analysis.
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Future-proof Your GC-MS Analysis: Triple Quad Workflows on Demand View webinar
Conserve Helium, Maintain Methods, and Save Budget with Innovative GC Module View webinar