What the webinar will be about:

Whether it’s the common cold or a pandemic-causing virus, the role of aerosols in transmitting viral infections is an important area of research. This webinar will follow a hypothetical virus from host to target, and describe research questions that can be asked at various points in the virus’ journey (for example, droplet characterization, droplet transport, virus viability, and transmission prevention).

We will then illustrate with examples how TSI instruments can be used to answer those research questions. Join us to learn more about this important and timely application of aerosol research.

*There is time reserved at the end of the webinar for audience questions*

Who should attend?

  • Scientists working on projects related to generation, transport, sampling, and physical characterization of virus aerosols
  • Engineers working on quantifying performance of personal protective equipment such as respirators and masks for health care settings

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