Webinar – uSPE on TriPlus for Pesticides – 19th May 2020

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Date(s) - 19/05/2020
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


The trend for multi-residue pesticide analysis is towards faster, simpler, more generic methods of extraction with minimal, if any, clean-up to facilitate higher sample throughput. But this approach can result in extracts with high levels of matrix co-extractives, which will inevitably lead to faster contamination of LC–MS/MS and especially GC–MS/MS systems. The reluctance to use a cartridge SPE clean-up step most likely results from the time required for manual procedures and time taken to achieve the optimum balance between removal of co-extractive without loss of analytes.


This webinar will highlight an automated optimized online miniaturized cartridge clean-up approach providing more effective clean-up of QuEChERS extracts to overcome the analytical challenges faced by laboratories undertaking pesticides residues analysis.


Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the configuration, operation, flexibility and ease of use of an automated on-line µSPE setup with GC–MS and LC–MS analysis
  • Learn how optimized sorbent blends can yield excellent results from GC–MS/MS and LC–MS/MS multi-residue pesticides analysis in different sample types
  • Discover how µSPE can increase robustness, reduce system maintenance and increase laboratory productivity

Who Should Attend:

  • Pesticide residue Chemists
  • Contract testing laboratories
  • Analysts with an interest in automation of sample clean-up for residues and contaminants


For questions please contact Martha Devia: mdevia@mjhlifesciences.com



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