Webinar: Suppression Unravelled – Cost Saving, Sensitivity and Robustness

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Date(s) - 19/04/2018
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


The suppressor. That small magic device in your ion chromatography (IC) system that seems to do so much work. Do you really know what’s happening in that little box? Why are there bubbles? Bubbles are bad, right?

This webinar will be unraveling the suppressor, what actually happens inside, why do you need it and why are there different types available. We will also be talking you through how to look after it and what to look out for when something isn’t quite right. Understanding suppression is the key to understanding ion chromatography!


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Developments in IC and how you can add the Thermo Scientific™ ISQ™ EC single quadrupole mass spectrometer to get more from your samples.

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