Webinar: High Resolution Orbitrap MS for Detecting New Psychoactive Drugs

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Date(s) - 12/12/2018
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


The emergence of novel psychoactive substances (NPS) is an ongoing challenge for forensic toxicologists. Different analogues are continuously introduced in the market to circumvent legislation and to enhance their pharmacological activity.

At the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Dr Concheiro has developed two analytical methods for the determination of new psychoactive stimulants in urine by liquid chromatography–high resolution mass spectrometry with Orbitrap technology.

By attending this upcoming presentation you will learn about...

  • the emergence and need for identifying an ever increasing number or NPS & designer drugs
  • two methods, targeted screening & ddMS2, to identify & quantify NPS & designer drugs using Orbitrap HRAM MS
  • targeted and unknown drug screening tools and methods
  • applications of high-resolution accurate-mass MS (HRAM MS) for identifying drugs of abuse


This webinar will be broadcast on two different occasions. Please select the broadcast with the date/time that is most appropriate for you.

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