Download eBook: Superior selectivity in Proteomics with FAIMS

The success or failure of many MS experiments depends on the ability to reliably detect low-abundance peptides of interest while screening out unwanted noise. High-field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry (FAIMS) can help users achieve superior selectivity by enriching targeted ions into the LC-MS instrument for analysis, while deflecting away non-target ions that would otherwise generate background interference.

In this eBook, we introduce 3 research groups in academia and industry making use of FAIMS technology in their proteomics work.

Case study 1: Getting the Whole, Big Picture; Neil Kelleher Ph.D., Northwestern University

Case study 2: Grounds for Comparison; Devin Schweppe Ph.D., Steven Gygi’s Lab, Harvard Medical School

Case study 3: Sniffing out Signatures of Cancer; Yeoun Jin Kim Ph.D., AstraZeneca

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