On-demand webinar: Addressing the “Identity Crisis” in Small Molecule Compound Identification with Mass Spectrometry

Determining the chemical structure for the majority of compounds “identified” in a typical untargeted analysis remains a stubborn challenge and a persistent logjam, holding up progress in many fields including metabolomics, metabolism studies, forensics, clinical research, environmental and food safety, contaminant analysis, and E&L identification.

This webinar describes a fundamental new approach to untargeted small molecule analysis involving optimized mass spectrometers, powerful new data acquisition strategies, and an arsenal of new software tools to translate high-quality Orbitrap™ mass spectra into more confidently-assigned small molecule structures.

You will learn:

  • Novel approaches for improved small molecule identification and characterization
  • Intelligent data acquisition solutions
  • Streamlined data analysis
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Application note: Novel structure-based profiling and annotation workflow—high-throughput analysis of flavonoids using the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap ID-X Tribrid mass spectrometer
This application note discusses a new structure-based MSn approach to address the challenges of unknown flavonoid annotation. This new approach enables rapid flavonoid class compound detection and further structure annotation without the need to have expertise in flavonoid chemical structure and fragmentation rules. In addition to the class of flavonoid compounds, the concept of this structure-based MSn approach can be applied to other classes of compounds, such as steroids and endocannabinoids.

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