Chemical, Elemental and Structural Analysis of Li-Ion Batteries

Increasing battery performance necessitate the development of new components and the resolution of performance degradation mechanisms. Batteries evaluation requires a variety of analytical methods that study the materials and surface of components at different scales.


We have gathered the knowledge of our battery experts in a collection of 12 application notes to help you build the batteries of tomorrow. We are your single source for all your analytical needs for higher density, more durable and more efficient li-ion batteries.

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The compendium covers:

Analysis of lithium ion batteries components with Raman
Investigation of batteries with a SEM
Uncovering internal structure defects with microCT
Analyzing electrode materials with XPS
Determining electrolyte solution with ion chromatography
Determining impurities and major elements with ICP-OES
Gaining insight into battery degradation with GC-MS

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