Dionex™ ICS-6000 HPIC™ Systems

A new highly-configurable ion chromatography system

When addressing ion analysis challenges, there are sometimes more questions than answers. The ability to develop and run different methods for a single sample or for different samples is increasingly important for analytical laboratories. The Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC System is a highly flexible IC system that provides you with the freedom to develop, explore, and run different methods simultaneously.

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What can you do with a modular IC system?

Accelerate your productivity Explore the possibilities Solve complex challenges
  • Run two different analyses simultaneously (dual-channel system configuration)
  • Minimize downtime with proactive instrument performance monitoring (Unity Remote Services )
  • Track IC consumables automatically (Consumables Device Monitor)
  • Minimize dead volume with finger tight connections (Thermo Scientific Dionex IC PEEK Viper Fittings)
  • Monitor sample runs via the tablet interface available in 11 different languages
  • Automate eluent preparation
  • 24/7 sample analysis (Capillary IC)
  • Get better resolution or decreased run times using 4μm particle size IC columns
  • Configure as a hybrid or dual system
  • Use a wide variety of available column chemistries and detectors
  • Couple your system with a mass spectrometry system to gain more information
  • Perform trace analysis in the presence of a high concentration of interfering matrix ions using 2-D IC
  • Analyze complex carbohydrates using high-performance anion-exchange chromatography coupled with pulsed amperometric detection (HPAE-PAD)

Unity Remote Services & Consumables Device Monitor

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