Years of experience in development and manufacturing of air pollution and precipitation samplers and the newest technology of electronic
controls guarantee a high quality product with a long lifetime and extraordinary reliability.


Automatic Precipitation Sampler for the collection and air-conditioned storage of rain and snow samples for later analyses.

The DIGITEL Wet-only sampler DRA-12 is characterised by the following features:


  • 32 polyethylen sampling bottles, 250 ml each or 12 polyethylen sampling bottles, 1000 ml each
  • automatic bottle change when bottles are full (capacitive sensor)
  • electronic registration of bottle number
  • lockable sampling chamber
  • motor-driven, precipitation-controlled funnel lid
  • motor-driven pivot arm
  • motor-driven bottle changer


  • programming by touch screen
  • manual control by touch screen possible
  • programmable time control for bottle exchange programs
  • response time of funnel lid closing to precipitation and precipitation end can be determined
  • programmable minimal sampling time per sample
  • logging of total sampling time per sample
  • logging of funnel lid opening times per sample
  • customer specific programs on request

Control electronics:

  • electronic overload deactivation of motors
  • temperature controlled heating of lid, inlet and Roof
  • ambient temperature sensor with radiation protection
  • heated precipitation sensor
  • capacitive level detection
  • integrated protocol printer
  • RS 232C interface (for external terminal, modem, etc.)
  • USB interface (for data storage on standard USB stick)
  • internal memory, battery-backed clock module
  • programmable climatisation (heating/cooling) of sampling chamber

Mechanical construction:

  • weatherproof housing made of anodized aluminum
  • all meachanical parts are made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel
  • 60mm isolation of sampling chamber
  • all parts, which come into contact with precipitation, are made of PTFE or coated with PTFE
  • tower and bottom are easy to remove for transport and cleaning
  • mounting plates for easy floor anchoring
  • cooling unit evaporator (forced-air fin cooling element) outside the sampling chamber
  • driainage for condensation water outside the sampling chamber

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