When your application needs aerosolized nano-scale particles, such as viruses, proteins, or synthetic nanoparticles, the Advanced Electrospray Aerosol Generator (EAG) Model 3482 is the best tool for the job. In addition to enabling the characterization of biological or synthetic nanoparticles, the EAG 3482 can be used to generate nanoparticles for instrument calibration and characterization. Touchscreen controls and a camera make it easy to see and control the aerosol generation process and the instrument design makes it possible to switch samples quickly and easily.


The EAG Model 3482 produces high concentrations of monodisperse, submicrometer particles from 2 to 150+ nm (initial droplet diameter of 150 nm, nominal). A syringe pump pushes a grounded liquid solution or suspension into the electrospray and through a capillary tube into an electrical field. The electric field pulls the liquid from the capillary, creating a Taylor cone and forming individual droplets. Air and CO 2 mix with the droplets to evaporate the liquid content. During the drying process, the particles are neutralized using a soft X-Ray neutralizer.

Instrument calibration
Nano-aerosol studies
Macromolecular and submicrometer aerosol analysis
Nanometer-sized powder dispersion
Biomolecular studies
Nanoparticle production

Generation of particles from 2 to 150+ nm in diameter
Uniform size and shape of generated particles
Soft X-Ray ionization
Multifunction touch-screen front panel including:
Live view of capillary tip and Taylor cone
On-screen control and readout of air and CO 2 flow, voltage, current, and neutralizer state
Ability to integrate with a variety of sample delivery systems including syringe pumps and autosamplers
Ethernet communication

Brošure i tehničke specifikacije

TSI Knows Nano Measurement Brochure A4

Particle Instruments Catalog US

Advanced Electrospray Aerosol Generator Model 3482 Spec Sheet (A4)