Attendees at our Global Ion Chromatography Symposium last year found it to be a valuable experience, so we are doing it again! Benefit from hearing how colleagues from organizations such as i2Fast, Universidad de Almeria, and Bureau Veritas are using this powerful separation technique across the IC application spectrum to improve their workflows. Attend a practical workshop to help you see solutions for your ion analyses, network with other attendees, and visit our online exhibit.

This three-day event will take place June 22-24 and accommodate every region around the world. The first day is convenient for Asia, the second for Europe, and the third for the Americas. Of course, you can attend any session on any day and all presentations will be recorded for convenient viewing after the symposium.


Daily overview

Every day will begin with a plenary lecture followed by presentations in separate application tracks.

June 22

  • Ideal for Asia, Australia
  • Plenary Lecture: RFIC – History and State of the Art, Yan Liu, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Attend tracks focused on environmental & industrial and bio/pharmaceutical testing. Topics will include trace analysis and speciation, hydrogen peroxide testing, sugar analysis, and more.


June 23

  • Ideal for Europe, Middle East, Africa, India
  • Plenary Lecture: The Present and Future of IC Column Stationary Phases, Chris Pohl, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • A variety of timely environmental, industrial, and bio/pharmaceutical topics will be addressed. Learn how IC is being used for the analysis of disinfection byproducts in water, lithium ion batteries, glycans, and much more.


June 24

  • Ideal for the Americas
  • Plenary Lecture: The Application of Ion Chromatography to Art and Architecture – Lessons for All Ion Chromatographers, Jeff Rohrer, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Join the environmental, industrial, and food & beverage sessions to hear how IC is being used for the analysis of hexavalent chromium, process water and corrosion control in production plants, arsenic speciation in foods, and more.
The meeting is virtual, the benefits are real
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