Webinar: Shed light on your reactive extrusion process with Rheo-FTIR analysis

So many products need different compositions of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) today. How can you be sure the reaction extrusion process yields end products that meet your requirements? Watch this free webinar and learn from Dr. João M. Maia, Director of the Center of Advanced Polymer Processing at Case Western Reserve University. Professor Maia will address […]

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App Note: Optimize processing conditions for improved plastic manufacturing

Understanding how polymer melts deform and flow is key to knowing how to effectively process and transform them into the end products we readily consume. In this application note see how different rheological tests can provide an understanding of the viscoelastic properties of polymeric materials to optimize formulations and blends as well as to adapt […]

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Industrija hrane

Reologija uključuje proučavanje mehaničkih svojstava hrane i njihovog protjecanja i deformiranja u različitim uvjetima – lijevanje, hladenje, tijekom vremena itd. Ekstruzija hrane je uspostavljena i vrlo svestrana tehnika za proizvodnju hrane, hrane za životinje, prehrambenih dodataka i okusa. Kliknite na navedeni link kako bi preuzeli dokumente o detaljima primjene reologije i ekstruzije u hrani.

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